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Beside the original job skill, there are also other stuff that can let you be OP easily. For example like the adventure skill. The skill varies that it can even change your game play a bit, expand your storage skill and so on.

It will make your life easier, as such today we will give you some adventure skill recommendation and mainly because we can only take a limited amount of adventure skill point. So Check this list out!

1. Dimensional Fracture

Dimensional Fracture is actually allows you to get a certain item called Ymir’s Book. The book enable you to save up your build, from stats to skill so you are able to change your skill sets which is equivalent to a reset depending on the build. Which is awesome! You will need to waste up 500.000z and 1 skill points. But why not?

2. Wolf King Perception

One of the most useful in searching for MVP monster. This skill enables you to list out MVP Boss monster on your map. Which makes it possible to locate the MVP monster and fight them with your team.

3. Falcon Perception

Falcon Perception is a skill that let you detect a Mini Boss. It means that you will finally be able to see the boss monster in your auto farming settings, and with it you will be able to hunt for mini Boss item more easily.

4. Group Hunting

Group Hunting is probably one of the most useful adventure skill. It let you increase the drop rate in a party, if you had a different job. You will increase the drop rate of item and even the card drop rate which is pretty useful in a long run.

5. Combat Skill II

Basically, Combat Skill II and I will automatically unlock the Auto Skill button. Which is pretty useful if you want to go AFK ing while playing. This skill will enable you to use any skill asign to it automatically.

6. Backpack Expansion

As the name stated, this skill enables you to increase the item slot in your bag. If you are constantly running out of inventory slot, then you should take this backpack expansion skill.

7. Mercenary Pact

Mercenary Pact skill is really useful if you want to play solo. This skill enables you to take 2 mercenary cats that will help you farm easily.

8. Stay Alert

Stay alert is one of the most useful skill for auto farming, especially with those jobs like Hunter, and Wizards. With Stay Alert you will be able to stay in one place while executing your skill one another it is a perfect skill for long range attacker that wanted to play solo and auto farming.

9. Free View

Free View is a Camera mode that can be used to easily change your view perspective. This mode is for those that love to beauty and wanted to explore the world of Ragnarok more.

10. Hand in Hand

Although this looks like a joke skill, but it is actually not. This skill lets you put hand to hand with other people and you can play together with them. The interesting part is however, you are able save the cost of travel together, and there are also some quest that need this skill as one of its requirements.

So, there you have it, some of the best adventure skill recommendation. What about this list below, do you agree with it? If not comment down below on what you think that is the best.

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