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Finally, after a long wait this really cool RPG game that is made by the same story author of legendary game, Chrono Tiger got its global English release. The game that has an official name called Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space is released in the late January 2019 and can be played now by downloading it in ApkPure.

Another Eden is a JRPG game, where you will play as a character name Aldo and his sister Feene, which has the ability to erase the human from the world. Aldo Sister’s kidnapped by the demon king that wanted to use her powers, and it is your job as a player to help Aldo in his quest.

The game consist in 26 chapter with a huge depth, and consist in the player traveling to the past, present, and the future for its goal.

For the game play, it use a turn based system like any other JRPG. You will control your character, attacking, defending or using a skill in one turn, and then wait for the enemies to attack after. It also have a feature which enable you to use their own combos that you can utilize to easily beat the monster.

Of course with a really cool animation to boot. There are also another Force feature where you can have a huge power boost with an unlimited MP to boot.

Apart from the game play, what this game really shine is the story line, how Aldo clear his quest. His interaction with other people, and of the side character has their own story.

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If you are interested not only in depth game but also has a good story then Another Eden is your choice!

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