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RPG Games are one of the most popular game genre in the world. However did you know that the RPG Genre also got another genre like JRPG (Japanese RPG), ARPG (Action RPG), and SRPG (Simulation RPG) which is mostly called TRPG (Tactical RPG).

If you are interested in the RPG game especially in TRPG game, then i suggest you to check out a game called Yggdra Union.

Yggdra Union is a SRPG game that has actually been released in 2006. It is remade by the Sting entertainment and will come to the Android or iOS devices this year. The game will have the title of Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone, which is the same as the original classic Game Boy Advance, and PSP game.

The gameplay is also the same, which is turn based where you will be playing against your opponents in a map. You will need to attack, move, and use your skill depending on your strategies.

This remastered will of course focus on the mobile development, including a brand new Interface, Controller support and lastly a new feature that we have not know yet. More information can be found on the official twitter of Sting.

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