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Errant Soul Hunter is one of the most popular MMORPG right now that you can play without using an auto feature. A lot of people are currently trying to learn more about the game by seeing some of the tips and tricks that they can get online.

Now, for most of the part today we will give you a guide on how to make your own party so that you can hunt with your friends in Errant Soul of Hunter.

Party play is one of the feature that you can utilize in the game. It is most use to save up some tickets that you need to dive in a dungeon, and second to help your friends. Plus to easily get material needed for your weapon. Of course party play has their own merits.

Since there are some question as “How to make your own Party” today we will give you a guide on how to party with your friends.

First go into the game and simply tap the red circle as of the above to start creating your party.

After that you will went to a different window. Each has your own companion that you had assign before. Start creating your own party and then invite your friends.

After inviting your friends will have a notification if they wanted to join the party or not. Aside from your friends there will be 3 other teams that you can invite from your regiment / guild, people that is nearby from you and your recent team.

There you have it, a simple guide to make a party on Errant Soul of Hunter. There are other guide that you can follow in the game. Check them out if you had some time!

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