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Despite lower popularity, Pokemon Go is still being played til now. Which is why, people are still making a Pokemon Go like games, with a different feel. However none exceed the hype of the original. But, Niantic, which is the original developer of pokemon Go proves wrong.

Niantic is currently developing a game called Harry Potter Wizards Unite, which is kinda like Pokemon Go AR Games, but of course with so much more things and feature to be explore. The game is currently on pre-registration and you are able to pre-register it on the official web, and on the Official Google play site if you are using an android phone.

Aside from that, you will be able to know what the game is, and what you can expect on the game currently on the official site. There are things like Spell Casting, Portkey placing, Fortress, and of course how you attack your enemies with your wizard friends. Which excites many people to play the game. It becomes one of the best expected game currently.

You will be playing as a wizards, or a witch depending on what you want to be called, and use your power to save the muggle world from bunch of magical creature that are doing some pranks to the world. Like Pokemon Go capturing the Pokemon, you will use your phone camera to look around the creature.

Using it, you will then be able to cast a spell, to either capture and fight the creature. After catching it, you will be able to find some items, that will be used in spell casting.

It is definitely one of the game that you should play, and check out!

App Rating : Harry Potters : Wizards Unite (Free)

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