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Trying to find a good game is not that easy. Especially since there are so many games that are being made everyday. Which is why, Roonby will give you a top quality game that you will find attractive, and unique. One of the top quality indie game that is very hot currently is called Super Fowlst, and you can download it for free in the google play right now!

Super Fowlst is a game where you will be playing as a cute little chicken that are trying to save the world. The world that you have been had been overrun by the demons, and currently there’s only one chicken that can stop them, and that is you.

Super Fowlst is an action game, bullet hell game where you will be living your life as a cute chicken trying to save the world by squishing every demons that you can find.

The first few stages will give you a simple tutorial on how to dodge, what can the map do, and what to do to destroy the demons (you jump on it). Everything can kill you in this game, which is why you need to be cautious, precise and fast. The interesting thing about the game is that you can grab a power up that will definitely help you in game.

How far can you beat the stages? How fast can you do it, and how well can you dodge the bullets. It’s all depends on your reaction time. Try to complete the game and unlock all of the secrets!

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Download it now, on Google Play!

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