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Despite the increasing modern games that are being played nowadays, nothing beats the nostalgic feel that you can get from playing an old game.

The hours and hours that you have wasted of your childhood to play the game will make you feel nostalgic. One of the most popular games back in the 20s is the flight arcade game. It is so popular, so many people spend coins to play the game.

Now, thank fully, the game has been release in the mobile device and can be played in either your android or iOS device, the game is called 1945 Air Forces.


The classic, long-run shooting game from the 90s like 1942, 1943, 1944, 19xx has been perfectly remade for smartphones. With its simple concept and endless fun, 1945 is now available on your mobile device to enjoy again.

The controls are easy to learn and use. Keeping the old feeling of playing in an arcade. Includes more than 10 types of famous WWII combat planes for military fans.

1945 Air Force, is an arcade shooting game. You can pick up any aircraft that you want to use, and then use it to kill the enemies, just don’t forget that you need to dodge the bullets while doing so. Apart from that, you can pick up any power up on the game that will make your aircraft grew stronger.

Interestingly, this game feature a lot other things that you won’t find in the original 1945 arcade shooting game. You can upgrade your aircraft, and there are also some mission that comes to it. From protecting another aircraft to destroying the enemies base. there are so much in this game that you can explore.

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For the game play it is really simple, like any other bullet hell games, you simply need to kill the enemies with your bullets while dodging everything. While doing so, you can pick up a power up that will give you an advantages in the game. Changing your bullets, and so on.

If you are interested in the game, simply download and play it now! it is fun to play and is really interesting!

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