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Have you ever played a Dota 2 mod called Auto chess? Yes, the popular one where you will be frustrated on how the minion don’t go where you wanted them to be but still play it because it is so addictive.

Well, the developer which is XiaoJiao Zhang has finally made a single stand alone game called Arena of Evolution. Which is the same game basically but better in both gameplay and hero in my opinion.


The world’s popular Auto Chess is coming! Want to play RTS games but not good at micro-management?
Want to play card games but the scene is not refreshing? Arena of Evolution is your choice! Control your hero and crush your enemies!

Arena of evolution: Chess heroes is the newest real time strategy games where you will be facing the other opponents real time in a battle of strategy. The way this game works is that, you will be able to choose your minions / heroes each turns and deploy them in the arena.

After that you can select which will be given an equipment to boost his stats, attacks, defense, or mana and then end your turn. The opponents will also do the same, after that the turn will end and you will see both side going on with each other, the winner will keep the heroes / minions and you will do that until one of you loses.

There are more than 60 heroes that you can use in the game. Of course, each heroes / minions will have their own speciality and type.

For example, there are a hero type called Guardian which is use for tanks, long range to attack in a long range, blaster for aoe damage and so on. The way you use them will affect your winning rate in each turn and your strategy will be based on which heroes / minions you choose.

It is not easy as each time you deploy an unit you will lose a coin or two, and each time you pass a turn you will get more coin. Which is why it is important to use your tactics to keep winning the game and keep the heroes / minions. Plus the same heroes / minions that you keep in the arena can be combine to make a cooler and powerful heroes / minions.

The game is so much fun, and the graphic is nice too, especially if you are familiar with Dota 2. You will see some resemblance in the graphic style.

However, what we like the most is the gameplay and the strategy behind it. You will still need to knows that this game has a little bit of p2w type of style where you can pay some stuff to advance further. It is your choice if you want to use p2w, i don’t prefer that.

This game is fun to play and is definitely worth your time. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

App Rating : Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes (Free)

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