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A Good News for those Valkyrie Profile fans! The Valkyrie Profile is going on android now, and it is called Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin.

The game has actually been released in Android for some time now, but it was still in Japanese. But right now the game got its global release and can be played in English already. The game is so much fun and you can download it now in Google Play.


The story begins in death…  The main character, Battlemaiden Lenneth Valkyrie, is preparing for the final war of the gods, Ragnarok. As ordered by Odin, the lord of the gods, Lenneth chooses the souls of heroes to become Einherjar.

In their final moments, right before death fully engulfs their souls, they are brought to Valhalla and made to fight in the war of gods. In this tragedy of men and gods, the Valkyrie grows evermore fond of mortals, and their way of life…  Will you be able to choose the right future?

Valkyrie Maiden is actually an RPG game that let you immerse more in the story. It is a free to play game with a combo driven battle that is the unique battle system of Valkyrie Profile Series. But it is the simplified version of the game. If the original Valkyrie profile on Console need you to tap some buttons, you only need to touch the character image to deal some damage. The health bar is still the same and you can do some overkill to the monster or the opponent.

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Apart from that, what differ the most is the game menu, which is like any other mobile game is the same as other. This game is what you can call those gacha rpg that depends on how much money you spent to gain more power.

Of course there are some free stuff but it is still 1 in a million chance that you can get a good character. But it doesn’t mean that the game is not fun to play. It is, but you also need to spend some money to be OP or powerful.

If you are interested in Valkyrie profile i recommend you to follow the story and play it as it is a prequel of valkyrie profile, but if you don’t like this kind of gacha games, then i don’t really recommend it.

App Rating : VALKYRIE ANATOMIA -The Origin- (Free)
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