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Apart from all, Rich Wars is a new upcoming mobile board games that you can play all the time. Honestly, the game is so much fun. This game is made by the Netmarble company. Yeah, the company that also made the Line Get Rich games!

Rich Wars is another games with another set of rule. Because of that for those that are still new with the game. Today we will give you 5 Rich Wars tips that will help you win more in the game!

1. City Hub 2= Overcharge

Most people might already know this, but for those that don’t. If you charge your city hub by 2, you must immediately go to City Hub. Because by going to the city hub, you will then be able to charge it by 1, and then the city hub will be full which means that you will be able to take any of the opponents landmark.

2. Development!

If you want to increase your chance to win the game, try to get the development 2x early on. It will increase all of your rent in a whole go. Plus in the early game, the development 2x will be a lot more cheaper while in the late game, you will spent around 7k Stacks or more to buy the development 2x.

3. Character rather than Cores

Coins is limited isn’t a big news. So, what do you need to do with it?

Upgrade your character! it will give you a whole lot more benefit. Why? Because character ability can be use again and again, for example the Double, or the steal one in one character can be used again and again.

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While most cores item can only be used once, especially in the early tier. Which is why if you are a beginner it will benefit you more if you upgrade your character rather than your core.

4. Dice rather than Character

This is the same with the above. Because coins is limited, it is more beneficial to upgrades your dice rather than your character. It is because by upgrading your dice, you are able to easily control where you go, and by doing that you are able to win more easily.

5. Clubs are Important Source of Coins

Now, this is the most important things that most people don’t know. You are able to get more coins by utilizing the clubs core donation system.

In the game, if you join a club, you are able to request a core cards and the same can be done by your other club members. And depending on the rarity, you will be able to get more coins if you donate them. So do good and donate!

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