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We have a good news for those RPG fans, according to Droid gamers on their post in 17 April, a few days before, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will be coming to mobile globally. The awesome RPG games about the adventure of Adol in a cursed Island will get ported to Mobile!

Of course, the release date is still not set yet, but the developer, Nicom Falcom is partnering up with Linekong to make it happen. Linekong, the developer, is the one that made Daybreak Legends. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana has been released since 2016 and was in the first entry of the franchise for over eight years.

The game is really interesting, you are stranded in a cursed island, with your fellow survival and your goal is to go out of it. While doing so, you will also need to built up a base with your fellow survivor friends. Like any other Ys game series, Ys got a signature action based combat with bunch of skill usage on the go.

The game is definitely so much fun to play. Well, we will let you hear more about the release date. You can check out and learn more about the game in its Official site.

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