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A good news for all of those pokemons fans. Based on the recent DeNA which is one of the most popular mobile game company that also made a game like Fire Emblem, Super Mario, and Attack on Titans Tactics. The publisher is going to collaborate with The Pokemon Company and will be releasing a new smartphone game based on the PokemonĀ license.

Based on the DeNA financial briefing report, it seems that the game is currently on work. However, currently there is little information to go on about the game in general. Other than the fact that the game will be in 2020.

More details will be added including the release at a later date. Well, This will prove to be a good news for all those pokemon fans, because mainly DeNA is a company that mainly produce RPG like game genre, which means that DeNA might be using the same genre in the upcoming game.

DeNA new pokemon project is not the first Pokemon game on smartphone. There are Pokemon Go, Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Quest, Pokemon Duel, and of course Pokemon Magikarp Jump. Will this be a good new addition to the series?

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