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Mobile Legends always give their best for their player. The developer always updated their heroes. But the thing is that, almost all of the updated heroes are very OP. Enabling the hero to kill almost anything in its path and giving the team the advantages, simply because a person pick the hero.

Of course, you will need to understand the hero first before picking him/her, because even an OP heroes will rendered useless in the hand of inexperience heroes. So, today we will give you a guide on how to use a hero called Esmeralda, and how to use her perfectly on even a ranked match.

Why Esmeralda?

Esmeralda is a really OP heroes. Her passive enables her to render any shield useless, and the most important thing is her skill 1 that enables her to steal all of the enemies shield. Added with her ability to deal twice damage in each hit, and give the enemies shield each time you use your abilities.

She is one heck of an enemies to dealt with. The worst part is that, all shield that she had stolen, will be converted to her health after some time. Which makes her one heck of a damage dealer with a tanky HP. She has almost everything that you want in a hero, high damage in both category physical, and magical, high durability, and worst of all ultimate that can immobilize in an AOE. And let’s be frank, she is banned in almost every ranked game now.

Item Build

For the item built, we have made a separate article regarding the build. Because in Esmeralda case, there are 3 build that i really recommended. Which is the Mage Build, Tank Build, and of course the Hybrid Build. Each time you built your Esmeralda, the most important thing that you need to get is the Mana Boots, which enables her to replenish her mana more. The second is concentrated energy, that enables you to replenish your health.

After that, you will be able to use whatever you wanted. But if you want to follow my build you will be able to see the more detail explanation in “Esmeralda Mobile Legends Item Guide – Best Way to Build Your Esmeralda!

How to Play as Esmeralda!

Esmeralda is a Mage / Tank heroes that not only hit very hard but also very tanky. She is mainly tanky because of her skills in general which enables her to gain shield to be more durable in battle. And for her level up skills i recommend you to Max out her second skill first >> prioritize on her ultimate >> take first skill whenever available. Here is why:

  • Her seconds skill enables her to hit the enemies hard, while reducing the cooldown of her first skills, which means that each time you use your second skill, you will be able to use your first skill faster, and if you time it right, your shield will be able to last for so long, and your durability will be so high that you can’t be killed easily. if you level her seconds skill, her cooldown will be lower each level and you will be able to use the skill again – and again
  • Her First skill must be used all the time before going in to a battle. Her first skill can be use to steal other people shields.
  • Her ultimate is very useful in a long run. because it can be used for both running and engaging the enemies, which is why i really recommended that you take this whenever you can.

Now, what you need to know is that, you must use Esmeralda aggressively. Because first of all, he got a huge damage that can kill the other enemies easily. Added with the shield durability, she is one heck of an enemies to deal with especially in the early game. She can easily use her ultimate to kill immobilize her enemies, and use her combo second skill and first skill to increase her health and deal damage.

After reaching level 4, you must go around while defending your tower in your lane. Try to use bush all the time, and use your ultimate to surprise your enemies while immobilizing them. The thing about Esmeralda is that, each time you use your first skill, you will gain more shield, which lets you get a really high durability in the game, and with it, you won’t need to go back that much to your base.

But in the late game, you must be really careful, because most of the heroes in the late game will already be fat. and you will definitely be killed if you go in by yourself unlike in the early game. And because of that, you will need the help of your friends to engage. In the late game, try to follow your friends marksman and protect them. Because although you have a big shield. You won’t be able to kill the enemies marksman easily and because of that you will need a help from your friends.

So, there you have it, that is the tips and tricks on how to use Esmeralda perfectly!

If you got some question that you want to ask, comment down below and we will do our best to comment and answer your question, and tell us next what kind of heroes that you want us to make the guide for, and we will definitely make it. Thanks.

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