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Almost everything in life using remote to control it and that’s why in this era when the technology improved, the best universal remote app in Android could be your solution to decrease a number of remote control that you have. By this app, you don’t need to own too many remote just to control one thing.

You can find your own universal remote app in your smartphone actually. The best could be relative to each person based on your preference. This article is going to explain any kind of universal remote app in your Android that will work for your television, AC, or anything else. Check it out.

1. SURE Universal Smart TV Remote Control Is Gonna Help You

This is the number one application which became the best universal remote app you could choose. It actually supported any kind of wireless protocols. This app works really well and efficient in Android. It was easy to connect to the Wi-Fi and IR. When the connection between those things stable, then it can control many things.

You can control your TV, Air Conditioner, DVD, Set-Up Box, Projector, Console, or even the copy files. You just need to choose ‘add device’ and this app will work as you expected. It will give you options, either Smart remote or traditional remote control. You definitely could install it from the Google Play store freely.

2. Try Anymote Smart Home Control to Simplify Your Task

Another remote control app that could be your best universal remote app is AnyMote Smart Home Control. It has its own motto which is “Anymote: Any Device, One Remote”. This motto actually explained everything. It is able to control the users’ smart home effortlessly by this app. The user no longer needs a traditional remote.

This app is actually working well to any devices such as TV, Camera, Gaming Console, Media Player, Lights, and many more. It’s really easy to use. You only need to install the app in your smartphone, then you choose the brand that you will control. Then, it worked. This is available for every Android device.

3. Mi Universal Remote App Always Be the best

There’s another remote control app which will be the best universal remote app for you. it’s Mi Universal Remote App. It’s the simplest remote app that is really friendly and easy to use by Android users. You can get this app from the Google Play store and the just install it to your phone.

Even if it’s simple, but this remote app could control many things and devices such as TV, DVD, AC, Projector, Camera, and so on. As long as you choose the brand of the thing that you want to control, then it will connect automatically and will work really well to control anything effectively without effort.

So, by these remote apps you can control anything in your house without any big effort and too much remote. Just only with one device, you could control everything and anything easily without any difficulties. And now, you can decide which is the best universal remote app you should choose for yourself, and try.

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