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Harith is probably one of the most broken Mobile Legends character that you guys have ever find. The character not only has a high damage, but also has a huge shield that he can get everytime he uses his second skills which makes him durable.

Like really, you can ganked him with 3 people and low health and he might still come out as a winner. However, most people don’t know what his skill build is, what should he get as a mage and damage dealer and how to use him in general.

So, today we will give you a little guide on how to use Harith more to win more ranked match. Check it out below!


Before starting, here is the Emblem set that you can get or use to maximize your use on Harith. Your emblem should be a Custom Mage emblem set. If you could get the ability Magic Worship, or even Impure rage that will be good enough. However the Shop one is also good to make sure that you can get fat even with a low amount of gold. So you can choose either.

After that, there are 6 other point that you can upgrade. I personally like Movement speed to ensure more survive ability, and roaming ability which is great for Harith in the early game. And then Magic Power +5% which will be huge in both early and late game to ensure more kill, but of course you can change it for Magical Life steal for more survive ability in the early game. Either way it is fine.

Item Build

For item build, you must understand that each Harith build is different, and this is what works the best for me. Of course, each build is different, however i will give you the reason as to why i pick the item in general and why it is on my pick list. Here is it:

Item Reason

Hunter Knife/Pillager Axe/Beast Killer

One of the defense item for Harith in my opinion. High Shield doesn’t mean high durability, even if you had a high shield, the damage that you get will always be high, and your shield will immediately be destroyed, which is why this is the perfect item for you especially in the early game.

Another good thing for this item is the ability to gain more exp while jungling. With it you are able to gain more level and dominate the field. Depending on the enemies i would recommend you to take the jungle item until lvl 3. (But only take lvl 2 in the early game)

Demon Shoes/ Mana Boots

For me, Mana has always been the problem with Harith, even with the buff. And because of that, this Boots will help you with your mana overall. You don’t need to go back to your base to heal your mana because this item will already give you the ability to do that, by simply the creeps

Calamity Reaper

Calamity reaper is definitely a core item for Harith. Calamity Reaper has a passive where each time you use your skill/abilities, the next basic attack will have additional damage that will deal 120% of your basic damage. It has a cooldown of 1.5s, which means that it will definitely suit Harith that had a low CD.

Concentrated Energy

This is another core item for Harith. This hero has a really low health, and is easily killed if stunned. This item will help him get the losed Health back, and increase his maximum health over all. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just go to the middle of the war and do your thing. Watch where you go and where you use your skill before using them.

Berseker Fury

Berseker Fury is an all rounded item that will increase both physical and magical damage. It will do well with the second skill and first skill. Where his first skill will deal critical damage, and his second skill is his basic damage that if Crit, will deal a huge amount of magical damage to the enemies.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal, is another item that you can use because it can boost your overall damage, and i really recommend you to use with. However it is not a core item and you can change it depending on the enemies.

If you wanted to, you can use Thunder belt, Demon tear to boost his damage to tank, or simply Blood wings for balance in both damage and health.

How to use Harith!

If you want to use Harith, then do note that you must roam. Even if you are in the middle, bottom, or top lane. Simply just roam, because it is a hero that can only dominate the early to mid game, because of his high damage in the early game, high mobility because of his second skill and because of his spamming ability from his ultimate.

He is one heck of an enemies to deal with even with 3v1, and because of that he is banned right now in most ranked match.

What you need to understand when you use Harith in general:

  • Basically he has a simple combo, Skill 2 >> Basic Attack >> Ultimate (Skill 2 can be use immediately) >> Skill 2 again >> Basic attack and repeat. However do note that you need to know where you spam your skill 2, i personally like to spam it left and right. First of all, it is to ensure your surviveability and second it is so that you have a pattern that you can follow each time you use your ultimate.
  • Use your First skill to whittle down the enemies health first before going in. Never go in and use your ultimate before whittling down the enemy health. This is to ensure you get your kill.
  • Watch before you go in, and try to know your enemies. Definitely the most important thing that you need to know before going into the battle is to know your enemies. Are there any disabler / stunner there? Have they use up their disable skill? If so, then you can go inside, and kill the enemies, but if you didn’t know any better, try not to do anything and spam your skill 1 and try to wait for your allies.
  • Know your counter, Although OP and powerful, Harith has many other counter heroes that can be use to kill and counter him. Some of the counter heroes are Esmeralda, Aurora, Eudora, Minshitar, Saber, Helcurt, Franco, and many more. Basically every other hero that can render his second ability, and can stun harith in general will be useful as Harith counter.
  • In the late game, do note that you won’t be able to kill any heroes easily anymore, and because of that stick close to your damage dealer and tank so that you are able to help them in turn. As long as you are not stun and you can free hit the enemies you are able to be the most annoying damage dealer in the game, and you will be able to kill any enemies.

And there you have it, a really simple guide on how to play as Harith. Got any other hero recommendation that you want us to cover, click and comment below!

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