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Finding a good wallpaper is easy nowadays. But, one that suits yourselves is really hard to do. There are tons to choose, but not everything is great in its own way.

You want something that is so you, and not some boring old wallpaper that is mainstream and used by someone else? If so, then you are in luck because we have just found a really good wallpaper app called Walpy. This wallpaper app has a great collection and it can be used to change your phone wallpaper everyday.


Enjoy a new wallpaper every day! From the best source of photography:, Walpy does not rely on fixed-time alarms that prevent your device from getting enough sleep. It lets Android figure out when is the best time to change wallpapers. You can configure constraints to only change wallpaper while your device is:

✓ On a WI-FI network

This allows you to enjoy a new wallpaper every day without hurting your device battery, data or performance, there are lots of wallpapers to choose from!

Basically, Walpy is an app that can be used to automatically change your wallpaper everyday without you even searching for it. It got a great number of wallpaper collection on a site called, and has been one of the most favorite new coming app on Google Play Store.

You can use it to find a good wallpaper that you want to use. You also can change it every time or scheduled as you wish. With Walpy, you can get a unique experience every time you open up your phone.

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This app is easy to use and i really recommend it for those that love to find a new wallpaper everyday. There are numerous wallpapers that can be find that will fit all size of phone. It can also save your favorite picture and automatically change the wallpaper periodically in the go.

Simply sit back, and see your phone changing constantly. You will now not be bored with your phone ever again!

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