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If you are a gamer especially a mobile gamers, then you maybe facing a little bit problem in your phone. Especially regarding the analog control since most mobile game will have an analog in it to move the character on your screen.

This problem will definitely take away the fun and make you frustrated. I am a mobile gamer and i have find out that problem become one of the most annoying thing for all mobile gamer.

Well, if you have an analog problem, here is some of the reason why your analog phone is a bit laggy and how to fix it.

1. Your phone is working too hard

Imagine yourself trying to play a game, while doing your homework, and other chores, of course you will break down on some moments. And that is what you have been doing unconsciously with your phone.

You see, when you are playing a game, if you didn’t know, your phone will be running your social media apps, messenger apps, and other apps that you had been using before on the background. Because of that, you will experience some drop in your game frame rate, and your analog will be a bit laggy including your game.

How to fix:

  • You can fix this problem by using your problem by using your default task manager and kill all of the app that you don’t need in the background. However do note that if you kill your social media app, then you can’t see any notification about that social media. This will also include messenger if you do kill your messenger app or you can simply use a memory management app / memory cleaning app.
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2. Your Phone storage is too full

The same reason when you are working to hard, trying to have a full stomach and then work will make you sick. The more storage that you got in your devices the more time that your device needs to do to manage and run everything. Which is why, you will get those stutter and a little bit of drop on the game frame rate, and because of that your analog will be buggy.

How to fix:

  • You can fix this problem by simply deleting some of the apps that you don’t need anymore. Some of the picture or video and possibly removing the junk file that is on your phone. There are some apps that you can use for example the “5 Best apps that can be use to manage your storage device

3. Your Finger is too Wet

Probably one of the most common reason as to why your analog is not responsive or too laggy. Mainly because of the sweat that you had accumulate in your phone. Although it is one of the most common reason, there is no easy way to clear this up except for you to wipe off your hands and your screen a couple time. Because i know when you are playing you will get excited, and then you will definitely get sweaty.

How to fix:

  • Take a tissue or a handkerchief every time you play a game. There are also some medical condition so you can get it check however the easy way is to simply wipe your hands or your screen every time you play.
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4. Your device is lacking to handle the game

You are probably using an older generation phone and currently you won’t be able to play the game. The game that is made now have a better graphic a more storage usage, and of course more processing power. Chances are, even if you are playing the game, you are forcing the game to play and run on a maximum speed which force your device to break down. There is no easy way to say this but i am sorry that you need to change it.

How to fix:

  • Find a much more better phone. (Sorry) there is no easy way to fix this.

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