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If you are a fan of RPG games then i really recommend you guys to check out game called Dragon & Colonies. The game is a unique combination of base building, tower defense, and RPG games into a one full cool game. The game is just up for pre-registration not too long ago and can now be played in both iOS and Android Device in Japan.

Dragon & Colonies is a really unique interesting game that combine both aspect of building, tower defense, and RPG game into a one whole new game. You are given a Box Colony which is called Hacolony, to develop in each game.

Each Hacolony will come with five side that you can develop, with a 3×3 grid. You can use it to deploy units, construct building on these grid, and of course level them up after some time.

In regards to the gameplay, you can also challenge your Hacolony with the other player to battle. You can use the unit that had been train to attack the enemies base, you can also use different and various type of skill that can be utilize to kill the enemies. Anyway the first person to take down the opponent base will win the battle.

If you are interested in the game, then check out the game official website and their twitter page.

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