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If you are born in the 90s then you will definitely know about the Dr Mario World game. It is another version of Super Mario in another paradox where Mario will play as a doctor not a plumber. In which, his job is to eliminate all the viruses by using a medicine that can be stack in a puzzle.

The three puzzler game will be coming to mobile device on July 10th and you will be able to play it on both android and iOS device. As of the original 90s game, you will be able to match up 3 of the corresponding pil to kill the viruses that is available in each stages. There are added feature like, you can only make a match 3 if you have the corresponding pil, or you can only use half of the pill to match a blue set and many more.

If you wanted to know more about Dr Mario World, visit the Official site, or pre-register for Dr Mario World in Google Play Store.

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