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If you didn’t know this yet, there is a newest Mobile Legends hero in Mobile Legends advanced server. In which they add a mage role hero called Lylia. Looking like a cute lolly, the hero have a really OP skills that can dominate the fight so don’t you judge the book by its cover.

Lylia is probably one of the worst mage that you want to pick in the early game, however in the mid – late game, you will definitely want to be wary of this mage. It is because of the burst damage of this cute little lolly that will kill you in the mid game. Now, here is the skill detail for Lylia that you can see below:

Skill Skill Description
Shadow Crystal


Lylia gets power from Shadow Crystal, increasing her Movement Speed by 15%. Each time she upgrades “Shadow Crystal”, she will increase her Movement Speed by extra 5%. Lylia can use Shadow Crystal to provoke Glooms and upgrade this skill. Up to 5. The higher the level, the higher the damage dealt by provoked Glooms.
Magic Shockwave

First Skill

Lylia releases an attack wave ahead, dealing 250(+100% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies on the path.
“Magic Shockwave” will provoke a Gloom on the path, dealing damage to enemies around him.
Angry Gloom

Second Skill

Lylia summons a Gloom to the designated area, dealing 120(+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to all enemies in the area and slowing them 40%. Lasts 1.5s.
Gloom can be provoked by “Magic Shockwave” and “Shadow Crystal” and deal 240(+120% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies around. Each time Lylia upgrades “Shadow Crystal”, the damage dealt by provoked Gloom will increase 50% up to 200%
Black Shoe


Lylia immediately returns to the position where the Black Shoe was 4s ago and stacks max times to use “Angry Gloom”, increasing her Movement Speed by 40%. Lasts 2s.

The skill description is very hard to understand, especially for her second skill. Here is the simple one, second skill is a laid down trap that if triggered, will also triggered the other nearby trap. If you have 5 trap in the vicinity, you can trigger everything by simply triggering one.

It is hard to use since the trap has a low cooldown of 1 seconds to deploy and 0.5s to set, but if you can surprise the enemies and trigger everything. The enemies will have low to no chance of escape and will mostly die. Which is why she is one heck of an enemies to deal.

You could see the video above which is made by Hororo Chan. The video explain the skill in details. You will also notice that her ultimate can rewind the time, including the position, and most importantly the health.

In short, she is one heck of an enemy to deal with. And i certainly don’t want to be up against that annoying opponent. However, she is susceptible to any burst damage enemy since she herself is a mage with low health. But if use right, she can be a real pain in mid – late game.

So what do you think about Lylia? Will she be your main?

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