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Seems like Moonton has been giving us a lot of event in this month. After the free lapu – lapu Vulcan skin event, and the X-borg release on Mobile Legends, Moonton will give us another Bingo Event that will give you bunch of epic skins and other skins including Elite, and Special skins. This event has actually been released before, and it is pretty successful.

In this event, the player can get an Epic Skin without losing much Diamond. Since one Epic Skin will cost you around 4000 – 6000 Diamond in total, and this event will only cost you around 2000 Diamond which is half of what you need to get the skin.

Since the first time you open the Bingo Box, you will get 30% off, you will only need 1575 Diamond to get one Epic Skin which is almost 1/4 of the price originally given by mobile legends, which is a huge deal if you think more about it. You can also see the prize for opening the Box on the video below!


As you can see, you will be given bunch of different elite skin from the previous lucky box event. There are even Alice Epic Skin, Kagura, Lancelot, and many more. Only with the cost of 1575 Diamonds per draw. So what do you think about it. Are you interested in the event?

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