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We all know that mobile legends have gift us a lot of updates lately. From the biggest Unity engine which increase our overall performance, to the previous one. But that is not the only thing that got the update. On the next Update, Moonton has given us a huge buff for most of the mage in Mobile Legends!

As you can see in the picture above, Moonton will give a huge slow buff for mage that don’t have any blink effect. This means that mage like, Oddete, Zhask, Aurora, Rafaela and even Nana will be able to get this buff. This will of course change the course of the game. Where as now, all mage is a one hit killer. But with this buff, you will now be able built a mage as a support even without a support item such as “Ice Queen Wand’.

This will then of course make mage too OP. Since most Mage is already OP. See Eudora or Aurora for example. They have a huge burst damage, and can kill most role by utilizing their combo. Added with this buff, they can then be a mage with the role of both damage dealer and support.

Well, Great job Moonton, might as well change your name as Mage Legends rather than Mobile Legends!

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