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It seems that Moonton really want to pamper their player with tons of free stuff. After giving us a free skin event, Mobile Legends will give us another skin for their player on 14th September – 15th September, and the player can get one of the 4 offered skin on the chest.

The event is already officially called by Mobile Legends, where you are guaranteed a free skins on 14th September to 15th Spetember. Where as the picture above said, you will be able to get a free elite skins by simply login to the game on 14th September. The skin that moonton offered is the elite skins of Cyclops – Super Adventurer skins, Tigreal – Fallen Guards Skin, Yi Sun Shin – Roguish Ranger skin, and of course Natalia – Deadly Mamba Skins.

This is huge, especially since Mobile Legends never really give us a skins without any catch like finishing a quest, or so.

So if you are a huge mobile legends freemium player then don’t forget to login on 14th September on your time!

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