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Mobile Legends on their newest patch update will revamp the useless mage in classic and ranked match called Pharsa. (Mainly because she is more annoying in Brawl match). Anyway, the update will only buff all of her skills making her un-catchable, added crowd control, and of course easier to skill shot her target with her ultimate.

So for the next update, Pharsa skill buff is, “Each time she use her skill twice, the third skill cast will be buff, and the buff will affect all of her skill” :

  • Her first skill will gain increase movement speed, even more than the previous one. Making her uncatchable.
  • Her second skill will gain increase damage and added immobile effect for 1.5s.
  • Her Ultimate will gain increase damage, immobile effect for 1s, and faster casting time. Enabling her to deal massive double damage if you are able to hit her enemies.

For more information watch the video below:

Although many speculate that this will buff don’t matter that much since Pharsa is very vulnurable while casting her ultimate. But in my opinion this buff is really great!

Since the main idea of Pharsa herself is a Glass Canon like hero that can cast her skill and deal massive damage, but because most of her skill is skill shot, she rarely shine in the classic or ranked match.

Which is why, with the immobile effect, she will definitely be able to easily take the MVP badge. Of course this will be up to the player that use her. But really, those that main her will definitely be happy of this buff.

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