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For those that love Mobile RPG game, surely you all have known about a game developer called KEMCO. KEMCO is a game developer that mainly developed a Mobile RPG game with a high quality and good game play. KEMCO has been one of the most popular game developer on RPG game genre.

Now, the dev has made its newest title called RPG Ambition Record!


RPG Ambition Record take the story of Rafael, a knight that is ordered by his king to stop the rebellion that is made by the count who rules in the northern part of the kingdom. The count use forbidden magic to create the rebellion, and only you and your friends that can stop the evil count.

You can also give your character different job that can be use to unlock different skill. Which means that each character will have a different play style and special move.

If you are interested in this type of RPG games, then definitely check out the game RPG Ambition Record. You can get it for only 5$ on Android and iOS app store!

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App Rating : RPG Ambition Record (Free)

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