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If you are interested in cute girls trying to defend their home planets against aliens attack, you might want to check out this game! The game is made by a developer called DMM Games, Machimusu. Their latest mobile games might be one of the solution when the world is attacked by creepy monster.

Machimusu is a spirit guardian that have been humanized, and you as the player will battle the invader using this cute spirit guardian. Basically, in each city, there are a little spirits that will protect you.

In case there is a danger, and based on how well the city does the power of the spirit guardian will also be affected. Each city will have 4 statuses from GDP, agriculture, industry and commercial. Each will of course rise as long as you are able to add more attraction to the cities.

You will get to see famous city in the world battling against the aliens / invader in this game. However the game is still on development and will be available soon in iOS and Android. If you are interested in the game, you can visit their official website to pre-register for the game.

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