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If you had played the Mobile Legends game then you will know that each month Moonton as their developer will release a new heroes. Currently, their newest heroes is called Wanwan with marksman as her main role. She is used mainly for killing the enemies and deal massive burst damage by using her ultimate.

Wanwan, Agile Tiger is the newest marksman hero, but unlike most marksman that didn’t have much mobility, Wanwan actually excel in mobility. Mainly because of her passive skills that enables her to low jump every time she deal basic attack, and her second skill that act like purify that can deal damage and increase her movement speed.

However, her ultimate is a little difficult to master, since there is some requirement to unlock it. You can see her game play and skill explanation on the video below.

Of course, since she is a marksman hero, she will definitely be one of the worst hero in the late game. Like Fanny a hero with high difficulty will definitely hurt more.

So what do you guys think about this newest Mobile legends Hero, Wanwan? Will she got into the meta?

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