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Since the first release of iOS 13, the dark mode feature in their app, plenty of other mobile app developer is trying to make the same feature available in their apps. This feature allow user to get a more comfortable viewing experience when your phone brightness is to much for your eyes, and because of that many people want to use this feature.

However, most people don’t know how to activate the instagram dark mode especially on Android, and so today we will give you a little guide on how to activate your instagram dark mode on your android phone!

How to use Instagram dark mode on android with OS 10

So basically, to use the instagram dark mode, your phone will need to support it first, because not all android phone supports the feature. You will need to have the latest Android OS which is Android 10 to access it:

  • Go to Setting > System > System Update to check if you got any system/OS update to see if you already have Android 10. If so, move to the next step, if read below.
  • Turn on the dark mode on your phone in Settings > Display > Dark Theme.
  • Open the instagram app and the dark mode should be activated when you have it turned on in the phone setting and then you can enjoy it.

Note: The dark mode can also be turned on in the battery saving mode by going to the Setting > Battery > Battery Saver. The two are connected as Dark mode do save battery so if you switch it on, the phone will automatically go on dark mode.

How to use Instagram Dark Mode Without Android 10

Actually, long before dark mode is a thing, many people has actually been trying to get Instagram in a dark themed. And because of that there are plenty of modded app that is safe to use but still be able to give you instagram dark mode. However, since the app is not updated, it is not known if there will be any problem when you use it, but if you are still interested in using instagram dark mode without Android 10, here is how:

  • Install a modded app called GBInstagram.
  • Afterwards go to the settings, and download the themed that you wanted. There are many and plenty that you can use including the instagram dark mode.
  • Enjoy!
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As simple as that, and that is how you get your own instagram dark mode. Got any other tips? Comment down below!

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