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Ever wonder what it is going to be if you are a robber? You trying to get away from the cops in an action. The shooting bullet hell game with cars and grenade or even helicopter chasing you?

If you had, then you are in luck, because there is a New Indie game that is spot on as what we had just describe, Hovercraft: Getaway!


The #1 combat racing, custom vehicle building, totally addicting, action game of the year is back, and crazier than ever!
You’re on the run! Build your custom Hovercraft. Arm it to the teeth with machine guns, lasers, rockets, and mines. Then evade, attack, and survive as long as you can to make your Getaway!

This is your newest epic combat police chase game, where you will be able to build your own vehicle and then arm with various different type of weapon to kill the police that are chasing you. The player will need to evade and kill the police cruiser, hover bikes, armored trucks, aerial drones and even military tanks that will chase you around the map.

Each destruction will earns you a star that will add up to many cops chasing you in the game much like Grand theft auto game. Earn 6 or more star to get the legendary Crimson Elite. Upgrade and evolve your vehicle to be even more powerful.

Are you up for the challenge? Download the game and play it now!

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App Rating : Hovercraft: Getaway (free)

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