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A little reminder is sometimes needed to get things as you are supposed to. We ourselves had live in a world where we are too busy that lead us off course of whatever we need to do, which is why we need to remind ourselves, from little things like drinking water.

If so, then you should definitely try out an app called Plant Nanny².


?The cutest hydration app of 2019?

Water is essential for life, but drinking enough of it is also one of the easiest things to neglect. Plant Nanny² keeps track of how much water you drink — each glass also waters the app’s plants so you both can thrive! Every day you can collect and take care of little plants to get hydrated and grow together!

In a simpler term, this app is a water reminder app that you can use to have a healthier body and a happier more stress-free life. By giving you a little plant to take care of every time, So, you are forced to drink the water in real life so that your virtual plants will be watered and not withered away and die.

Plant Nanny² will provide you with a customized plan using simple charts and interfaces so you can get a solid grasp on your personal water consumption. While collecting plants, you’ll improve the way your body looks and feels before you know it! These little plants will boost your spirits, improve body’s health, and help you cultivate good habits for drinking water!

So what are you waiting for, Download the app, and increase your health!

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