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Moonton had leaked a bunch of different features that they are going to give in the next mobile legends 2.0 updates. And plenty of people are hype because of the updates since Moonton themselves said that there are going to be major change in the game, from a more content in their games to a major boost in their game performance in general. However, Mobile Legends themselves haven’t said anything regarding the release date on Mobile Legends 2.0. But they have given us a major hint regarding the release date.

You all must have known about the above teaser image right. Where Moonton, had teased us about the mobile legends 2.0 that is going to be released on the advanced server. But what you need to see is the new heroes section that on the right part of the image, which is Wan – Wan, the newest marksman.

The newest marksman is said to be released on 26 November 2019, and since the teaser image kinda hinted that they are going to be released at the same time. We can conclude that Mobile Legends 2.0 will be released on the same date which is 26 November 2019.

So, what do you guys think about the hint? Or if you are interested in Mobile Legends 2.0 now, you can download it on our website in a different article here.

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