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Imagine this, trying to sleep with your favorite song on Spotify, only to know that your battery is drained to the last because of it after you wake up…… You don’t want that right? I have the perfect solution for you, it is Sleep Timer app, the app that you need to fall asleep with your music on!


So basically, Sleep timer lets you put on the countdown timer on your phone, and at the end of the countdown, it will automatically use its magic to stop your music from blasting out to your phone and let you sleep in peace. This app is perfect for you that had a hard time sleeping without any music on.

Sleep timer will softly lower the volume of your music and then turns your music off so that you won’t notice it when you are sleeping. It works with almost every music player like Google play music, Spotify and even youtube! And you can select how long you want the music to play in your sleep, by simply setting the duration of the timer and start it.

It is an app that will help you stop the music player from draining your phone battery, so you can still use your phone the next day. If you are a person that loves sleeping with music on, this is definitely a must-have app for you!

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