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Now, WhatsApp is probably one of the best messenger apps that are used by many people. The app is used by almost 500 million users worldwide and is currently developing more interesting features in the future that can be expected.

So, if you are curious about what kind of things will be included in the next few updates, here is some of the newest and unique WhatsApp feature that will be implemented in the next few updates!

1. WhatsApp Feature: Dark Mode

WhatsApp Feature

Dark mode is one of the most popular features that is being implemented in most applications right now. Besides being useful to save up some battery you can use this feature to reduce the eye strain from the blue light when you use the app in the dark, and usually, most people love this feature because it looks cool to see and give the user a whole new experience to feel

2. WhatsApp chat Feature: Disappearing Massage Mode

WhatsApp Feature

This feature enables the user to delete the existing message in the set time. This feature enables the user to self destruct the message that you had sent. The developer had been trying to make this feature for a long time ago and it has finally been leaked to the public by an account called WABetaInfo! You can set the timer from 5s to 1 hour depending on your needs.

3. Easy Status Share to Facebook or Instagram

WhatsApp Feature

If you didn’t know yet, WhatsApp is one of the messengers that implemented a feature called story besides Facebook and Instagram. With this being said, each people that had installed 3 of those apps will be able to easily share your WhatsApp status to the other app. Incidentally linking every app into one and making it easier to connect with other people regardless of the platform. Simply use My Status > Share to facebook story or the other.

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4. WhatsApp Add Friends: QR Code Easy Add

WhatsApp Feature

Unlike LINE nor WeChat that had implemented the QR Code feature, WhatsApp hasn’t. But thankfully on the next update, they will implement this feature. Users will be able to add another user contact without even typing the number and invite people to a group without using the QR Code. This will make it easier to connect with another user.

5. WhatsApp Stories: Boomerang!


Boomerang is one of the best features in boomerang, but right now WhatsApp user can use this feature. Where user will be able to use their short duration clip or video and share it on their status easily by using this app. The Boomerang on WhatsApp will feature 7s video on their status and the user can easily comment on one another.

WhatsApp Feature update

Like any other messenger or any other popular app, WhatsApp is currently trying a new thing and a new WhatsApp feature on their next update. Users will be able to use the above feature by using the Google Play Beta program, where the user will be able to test out a new untested features before its official release.

So the list above feature 5 of the new features that will be implemented on the next update, what do you guys think about the update? Anyway, check out other Roonby article if you are interested in our other app list and other tips that you can use to make your life easier.

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