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Doraemon is probably one of the most popular anime that is known by many. You can see it being dubbed and watch by plenty of people! Which is why, it is not surprising that the anime got a game adaptation.

Furthermore, it got the same genre with Mario Kart. So, if you are a Mario Kart lover and loves to play the game, but is bored and wants to play something new with the same feel then definitely check this game out, Doraemon Kart for mobile!

Doraemon Kart looks and feels the same as Mario Kart. There are 2 modes that you can play currently which is the speed mode where you can drift around adding nitro charges and race with your friends, or item mode where you can use the item to disturb your friends. The game is pretty fun to play, and you can compete with your real-time.

Doraemon Kart

Doraemon Kart is being developed by Netjoy games, and it is out in China. However, it is not known when the global release will be out yet. So fans will need to wait a little bit first. The game will be released in android and iOS for mobile, and both users will be able to play it whenever they want.

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