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If you didn’t know yet, Silvanna Mobile Legends is one of the free mage/fighter heroes that can be used to counter fanny. The player that login on 17 December, can get the hero for free and players will be able to use her in both classic and ranked matches. But because of how useless this hero is, her popularity diminishes from her early hype.

However, she is a really good counter hero for those that hated blink hero like Gussion, Lancelot, and even Hayabusa, and she can even kill tank because of her ability to take out enemies hero magic damage, and because of that today we have given you the reason why and Silvanna Mobile Legends Build and guide to use her!

Silvanna Guide, when to use her and how

Silvanna Mobile Legends Build

First of all, I play her as an offlaner, meaning that she will solo lane against the other enemies. For the most part, however, she is one of the counter heroes that I pick to counter blink hero as I said previously such as Gussion, Fanny, Lancelot, Hayabusa, and so on. So if you want to kill heroes that can go around this is your main girl.

Because the jungle now had been reworked, so you can buy jungle items because it is easier for that. There are 3 spells that I recommend in general Flicker for running and chasing, Inspire for easy 1 on 1 kill, and lastly retribution for faster farming.

You can play aggressively with the first 2 spells, however, with retribution, your goal is to farm in the early game to dominate the fight in the mid-game to late game. This, however, will need you to look out for your teammates and roam around while farming.

In the late game, however, I don’t think that she is that good. Mainly because she can’t kill any marksman if her ult didn’t hit. She can’t tank that much damage, and she doesn’t have any range to deal much damage to her enemies. So your main goal is to become fat in the early or mid-game because if not you will lose the game.

Silvanna Mobile Legends Build, What item should you get

Silvanna Build Mobile Legends

Now, for the most part, you guys might be a little bit curious. Why didn’t you build her using Critical or something? Well, here is the reason. Silvanna uses her abilities to deal with damage and by using her abilities she can reduce the enemy’s magic defense, which means that she can take the kill by using that skill. And since skill can’t crit.

What is the use of using that? Which is why I often hit myself in the head when seeing those guys that build Silvanna with crit. Of course, I know that this works for some people, but in the early game with a crit build that needs too much money to survive. I don’t think that she will do much in the late game.

So for her build, I use:

  • Beast Killer (LVL 3): This is probably the must-have item that you need to build immediately. As I said, the jungle had been reworked which means that you can take a jungle stack easily now, and because of this Beast Killer lets you kill jungle easily 50% attack to jungle monster and lets you have more exp for an easy farm. Plus with the stack, you can tank both magic and physical defense in the late game. So this is a must-have item for most Silvanna.
  • Arcane Boots: Boots to get more damage to tank hero and fighter hero in the early game. The added magic penetration and movement speed will do good for you even in the late game. However, sell this after your build is complete and buy blood wings or defense items like wings of apocalypse queen for more defense.
  • Genius Wand: The core item for Silvanna and one of the must-have items for her. With this each time she used her skill, the damage reduction will be twice as much, and in the early game – mid-game. Each hero even tank usually only have around 70 Magic defense (if they focus on it). This means that you can reduce up to 30-40 Magic defense each time you use your second skill drill. With the reduce defense, this will give you a huge advantage!
  • Ice Queen Wands: Mainly use this item for helping Silvanna chase an enemy and so that they can’t run from her drill. The added movement speed and magic lifesteal also do well with her. So this item is one of the core items for her.
  • Glowing Wands: Not my go-to item, but I use it and it helps in the long run. Mainly because with the glowing wand, The added slow effect from ice queen wands will double, reducing their movement speed faster and giving them an almost slug-like effect. Because of that, I use this item. The added health and movement speed plus burn also do good for her!
  • Concentrated Energy: Use this item in the late game to get that tanky effect from Silvanna. Silvanna will get a huge amount of health each time she uses her second skill. With this item and Ice queen wand, she will be good to go and can move more aggressively. But don’t be stupid!
  • Holy Crystal: This item will give Silvanna more damage meaning that she will be able to kill more enemies. With the added damage, her spell steal will also increase. So this is a late-game item!

And there you have it, some of the best Silvanna mobile legends build that you can use to be the best female fighter. It is a bit sad that players don’t know how good she is to counter other heroes in mobile legends.

Of course, it all depends on how you play her, and hopefully, this build will help you.

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