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Pocophone, one of the most successful Xiaomi sub-brand called Poco in India made its debut last August with the Pocophone F1 series. The phone is a big hit since it comes with a super high spec at a cheap price. Of course, since it is so popular, many people have been wondering if there is going to be a Xiaomi Pocophone F2 with the same high spec and price.

Poco F1 is really successful, fans are waiting for Xiaomi Poco F2

Xiaomi Pocophone 2

Fans and media have been waiting for the successor this year, and there are even rumors that Xiaomi will be bringing K20 as a pair with Poco F2 in India, but the rumor turns to be false. We still don’t know when will Xiaomi release its next smartphone, but the company global head Alvin Tse said on their tweet (that is now being deleted, don’t know why) that we will hear more from POCO in 2020.

Xiaomi Pocophone 2

Source image: GSMArena

Fans are so hyped on the details and suggest that we will probably get the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 release in the same year next. We at least expect to hear more in the next few weeks.

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xiaomiXiaomi Pocophone 2
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