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If you are a mobile legends player with a higher tier rank (Legends / Mythic) then you will most definitely know why Masha is being banned nowadays. Mostly because of her ability to push the enemy tower, even if by far you are in the game and are having a good time killing all of your enemies, you will still have a hard time if you got Masha as your enemies.

Mobile Legends Masha

Her ability to maw the tower added with movement speed where she can be faster with lower health is amazing for pushing. It making her one of the most annoying enemies to deal with. The huge relief is her low health which lets her be killed easily. However, on the last patch, Masha had gotten a new buff that let her decrease her damage taken.

Masha Mobile Legends buff will let her take more damage

See on the patch, each time she uses her ultimate she will get a damage reduction buff up to 50% (35% on the next update) for 3s making her not only annoying but also really tanky as well. This means that not only can she run, but she will also be tanky and unstoppable for some time.

The update will definitely be cheer upon most Masha Mobile Legends users, but then again she will be banned more in the game. So what do you yourself think about this buff?

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