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It seems that YouTube wanted to really make their user stay on the platform, where users will now be able to watch, control and have a full YouTube experience on any device. In the newest blog post published by the platform, it is said that the team is going to add a new feature that allows people to voice search on either iOS and Android app, even when their phone is casting to a TV!

Youtube update improves the overall user experience!


It means that you can search for any things on your phone, and the content will then show up on your TV, not being interrupted like the previous version one. Android users have also noticed that the update also allows the app to function like a remote control while casting on TV. There are features like a directional pad that makes navigating and finding video much easier and allows the users to access caption and quality control.

Although the changes seem to be minor, the platform is trying to really work hard to suit their user taste and improve their user experience overall. But what do you guys think about the update overall?

Source: TheVerge

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