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It took a long time for WhatsApp dark mode to be released in the apps. Despite the popularity of the feature itself, WhatsApp seems to not care about it and took its time to provide the needs of their user.

Well, at least iOS users will soon get the feature because one of the WhatsApp information Leaker @WABetaInfo on their newest twitter post said that the feature is almost ready for iOS users.

The iOS Dark theme is almost ready for iOS users, which means that the dark mode is going to be released soon. There is still some more perfection that is needed to make the feature more perfect because as stated on the tweet above, there are still many problems in the feature.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

The WhatsApp Dark mode feature has many advantages to the user, from lower battery usage, reduce eye strain and many more. It is a pretty seek mode to have on an app. So, it is surprising that WhatsApp is going to just release the feature, but it is better late than never, right?

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