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Ads on Youtube are becoming more and more intrusive, and because of that more people are using the app called Youtube Vanced that can be used to get rid of the intrusive ads from you watching your favorite content creature. And well, this app actually does works, and although Youtube themselves hasn’t really said anything about the apps currently. So is YouTube Vanced Really okay to use?

In all honesty, a modded app like YouTube Vance will always have a little trouble for the user. This is why we have made out some of the risks that you need to understand when using the Youtube Vanced apps. Check it out below!

Is YouTube Vanced okay to use

1. Banned From Youtube or Google

Youtube Vanced

Currently, it is not known if it is legal or not to use Youtube Vanced as it is still in a grey area. But then again, if you had an app that can be used to hinder another person’s business. The person that business is being hindered won’t stay quiet right?

2. Unknown Privacy Issues

Youtube Vanced

We didn’t know yet if the account that you guys are using is really being used as it is stated. Since we don’t know if youtube vanced is really trustworthy or not, and since you will be using your google email or any of your email to login on google vanced. We don’t really know if your identity might be used in some other thing. So be really careful!

3. Malware/adware

Youtube Vanced

Although many people had tried the apps. there are still many other people that installed the app, not from the released site (XDAdevs). Which is why many people are still getting a bunch of malware and ads on their phone. So if you had any problem with your phone after the install, this app might be the reason!

Despite our reasoning, what do you think about the app in general? Of course, watching Youtube without an Ads might be nice, but is it worth the hassle that will come soon in case there is something wrong with the app?

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