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For those that are late to know, Instagram is currently testing their new Direct Messaging feature to the web browser. Users will be able to use this feature to respond to their DM from the web aside from their Phone.

Previously, Instagram user had been able to use Instagram web feature to see updates on their feeds. However, they aren’t able to reply to any DM on it.

Instagram Web DM Feature

Instagram Web DM Feature is still on test

I think this feature will indeed help their user a lot. As you know, Instagram is used not only as a social media, but also for marketing platform. This means that fast response is really important. So, the feature will definitely help the user. Initially, the feature on the Web will work the same way as the mobile app. And the user will be able to start a new conversation, respond to existing messages, and share photos from the web.

The best thing about this feature is that you will also be able to receive desktop DM Notification if you enable notification for the entire Instagram site from your browser. However, currently, there isn’t any news regarding the official release date for the feature, so the user will need to wait for it.

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