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Spotify launches a new unique features. This music listening app creates playlists for your dog or cat!

This is one of Spotify’s ways to become viral and stand out from their competitors, such as Apple Music. Spotify’s new feature is Pet Playlists. You can try directly at by logging in using your Spotify account.

Spotify will give you five choices of pets, namely cats, dogs, iguanas, birds, and hamsters. After that, you are asked to define the characteristics of your pet, whether energetic or relaxed, shy or friendly, and apathetic or curious.

When it is filled in, all you have to do is name your pet and a list of songs appears according to the characteristics and icons and animal names on it. Apart from the pet characteristics, the song list is also adjusted according to your Spotify, as the account owner.

Wait a minute and voilla! Be a playlist for your pet according to your pet’s character. Australia reported, Spotify made this feature after learning that 71 percent of people who raise animals, also listen to music to their animals. The New York Post also reported that Spotify also conducted a survey with 5,000 respondents in the US, UK, Australia, Italy and Spain. The result is that 80 percent of users believe their pets like music.

46 Percent of animal owners say music reduces stress on animals. 69 Percent of respondents sing to their animals and even 57 percent of respondents invite their pets to dance.

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