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With the passing of the second season, Call of Duty Mobile had finally given us new updates. The popular mobile game featured some of the best game modes that you can find only in the game from Free-for-all, domination, team death match, and even Battle Royale.

In the next update, Activision is going to add another mode which is called the Rapid Fire Mode. This mode will give the player unlimited ammo, a faster score streak points, and lower CD for skill. Meaning that the game play will be on a much faster pace than the original one.

“This brand new fast paced limited time mode will be available for everyone to try on release! There is plenty to love with unlimited ammo, faster score streaks, and shorter operator skill cool downs. Like all new modes, we will be on the look-out for any and all feedback to help us shape the future of the mode.”

User will be able to play this mode in the season 3 update. So if you are interested in the update, you can play it on the mobile game.

Call of Duty Mobile is available for both iOS and Android user in google play and appstore.

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