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Nowadays, smartphones are becoming a more powerful gaming machine as time passes by. The latest devices are capable of computing incredible graphics and visuals. Of course, there is also budget that you need to worry which is why not many people have high-end latest devices for gaming.

So what about the older device that doesn’t have huge amounts of power to process the lastest games? Well, Google recently announced its latest project called GameSnacks which – a series of lightweight HTML5 based browser game that can be played on nearly any device that you want.

According to Google, GameSnack is designed to load within seconds, even if you have a poor network connection such as 3G Speed connection, and play smoothly even with 1 GB of RAM. The user will be able to play the games entirely on a web browser, tablet or even on a smartphone.

The game offered however is a simple game from a little shoot em up, to a simple puzzle game that you can found on the net. The game is not the greatest game in the world, however it is fast to load and the user will be able to play it anytime they wanted.

It is not clear if Google will continue to expand GameSnack, however, it is said that they are going to announce a partnership with Gojek (Indonesia ride service much like uber and grab), and it’s GoGames app. So, it might be embedded in the existing app.

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