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Gusion is one of the best assassin in Mobile Legends, mainly because of his abilities to kill the targeted enemies even in the early game. His burst damage is a pain for his enemy in the early match, and the worst part is in the mid game if his user already had most of his core item. Because of that, Gusion become one of the must pick hero in the ranked match. Thankfully though, in the next patch Gusion will get a huge nerf!

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The nerf will affect his ability to chase the enemy with his first skill, which is his main ability to catch his enemy. Moonton in the next patch will give a limited range in his first skill second phase. The range will now be reduced to 150%, making him unable to chase his enemy.

Making it harder to kill the enemy that are out of his dagger range. Because usually his unlimited range makes enable him to chase his enemy even if they are out of the battlefield. But after this nerf, he won’t be able to chase his run away enemy with his over power dagger.

The worst part about this nerf is that in the early game, where most user are very careful of Gusion, the dagger won’t really matter that much now. Especially if the enemy had flicker, or blink ability to go outside the range of his ability.

But what do you guys think about this nerf overall? Will this change how Gusion user use Gusion?

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