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Recently, the OnlyFans website is rumored to be hacked. Leaking more than hundred or thousands of its performer video online. However, the site claims that it is not due to a hack, and Steve Pym, the marketing chief said that the company has found no evidence of any breach on their system, and the leaked files appear to be from multiple sources.

OnlyFans: The video wasn’t hacked but leaked!

If you didn’t know yet, OnlyFans allow influencer, model, public figures and many more to share their made content via a premium payment on their site. Whereas this system is used by many sex workers to control their content and share it for those that are willing to pay some bucks to see their “goods”

However, it seems that the content that is being locked by OnlyFans is not really secure. The leak contains thousands of videos and photos from hundreds of people generally attributed to specific OnlyFans usernames. The leak might be because of OnlyFans customer acquiring the photos and videos personally, and then sharing them with others. Compiling the file for free.

While this means that the site hasn’t been breached. It means that the platform is nowhere than perfect and has a lot of security holes in it. Because of the photos and videos can be taken from the site, share it elsewhere, depriving the users of revenue.

OnlyFans mention that videos can videos that get reposted without permission will be able to contact the company for help.

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Source: TheVerge

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