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The tentacle hero that on advance server Mobile legends Atlas will finally come to the original server. Atlas is the newest tank hero that will come to the original server, and the hero will be released on March 20, 2020, with a cost of 32.000 bp.

Mobile Legends Atlas: Tank Hero with massive De-buff

Atlas is an octopus/alien-like hero that uses a robot armor as his transportation. He is a tank with the ability to initiate and to slow down his enemy’s movement speed. His skill sets are:

Passive Frigid Breath

Mobile Legends

Skill 1: Annihilate

Mobile Legends

Skill 2: Perfect Match

Mobile Legends

Ultimate: Fatal Links

Mobile Legends

The hero is really easy to use in my opinion with the advantages to debuff his enemy’s in a wide range. He is perfect for initiating a fight by using his second skill perfect match to release himself to the enemies, first skill to give them a slow debuff and lastly use his ultimate to pull the enemy in range to your designated position.


Atlas has a really simple build that will help with the tanky-ness of his role and his ability to debuff the enemies that put advantages to his slow ability. His builds are:

Core Item:


Roaming Item Shadow Mask:
This item will help you in surprising the enemies with your slow and ultimate. Use your second skill to remove yourself with the enemies, and first skill to slow them down further, afterward ultimate to pull them all in the designated place. Use the combo after you tap down the roaming item skill.


Warrior Boots:
Warrior boot is a perfect item for tanks that want to go into the middle of the fight and defense from a basic attack. This item is good especially in the early game


Dominance Ice:
Dominance ice is an item that can help you decrease the enemy movement speed and attack speed further, the best thing about this item is that it will stack if there are 2 heroes so if you use your second skill. The effect will stacks further because of you and your robot.


Cursed Helmet:
This item is the best for those that wanted to give damage by just standing there. Although it might not look significant, the damage will add up to 1000 if you stuck with the enemy again and again. This means that if you can slow them, you can deal more damage, which is perfect for Atlas. This item can give additional magic resist and additional health to the hero.

Based on Circumstances item:

For me personally, I won’t give you full item recommendation, because there are times when you need to adjust with the enemy. This is why I will add them based on the circumstances item list for atlas.

  • If there are more mage: Athena Shield and Wings of Apocalypse Queen will help you in the battle especially if the enemy has massive burst damage
  • If there are more physical damager: Use Antique Cuirass and Twilight armor that will help you defend against the enemy more. Decreasing its damage further so that you can tank more
  • If it is balance: Use Athena Shield and Antique Cuirass or Immortality to help your defense with both.

You can also sell the roaming item if you deemed the shadow mask is not important in the late game. Because roaming items is helpful only in the early game to help carry the team.

Mobile Legends

Atlas will be released on March 20th, 2020, in Mobile legends original server. If you are a tank user. Definitely buy this, because he is pretty fun to use with a huge debuff skill that can annoy his enemy in the game.

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