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Diggie is one of the most useful heroes in Mobile Legends. His ability to hinder the opponents, crowd control skill is one of the reasons why we use him in rank matches. Nowadays, the META in Mobile Legends revolves around Diggie as their main support hero. This is probably why Moonton decided to nerf him in the next patch.

Recently, Moonton released a new Mobile Legends advance server patch. On the note, there is one regarding Diggie. His first skill will get reduced damage by 50 damage (all levels). Not only that, but his ultimate will also get a nerf, where his shield growth will have a reduced growth from 350 to 150, but the total magic power bonus will increase from 150% to 200%.

It is still huge nerf for Diggie user, especially if they wanted to have those first blood in the early game. There is also a problem where his ultimate won’t be able to help more people in the game in a dire situation.

What do you guys think regarding the nerf on Diggie? Do you think it will matter much on him?

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