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In the next Mobile Legends update, Moonton decided to nerf one of the most important buffs for Marksman which is the red buff. Nowadays, the buff is so strong that it can even kill tank hero with only 5 hits in the late game. This makes it harder for the opponents to come back from losing.

Especially, if they are force to stay in their tower without any means to farm. Because of that, the red buff is getting another nerf after the previous 100% + true damage to 80% + true damage.

Red Buff Mobile Legends

This nerf will affect the added Physical Attack bonus of all roles that get the red buff. Marksman, Mage, and Support will get a decrease from 80% to 60% and Assassins, Fighter, and Tank will get a decrease from 50% to 40%. This will not only affect the damage in the late game, but also the farming ability of Marksman in the early game. Since the red buff is mostly used by marksman type hero.

In the early game, Marksman uses the red buff to jungle and lane. Marksman also uses it to deal poke damage to their opponents by using the extra damage of the buff. Meaning that they won’t be able to kill the other team hero easily, gold will be tougher and things will be harder for marksman user.

Recently, Marksman has been one of the most important roles in Mobile Legends, this nerf will affect how marksman role overall.

What do you think about this nerf overall? Do you agree with Moonton’s decision to nerf the red buff?

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