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Mobile Legends newest marksman hero Popol and Kupa finally got its release date on the original server! This new hero is going to be one of the best since you will get 2 heroes in one. Kupa is the main hero while popol is the pet summon, and the player can use them as they want.

Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa

Kupa has 4 skills that you can use. Most of his skill will include having his trusted ally Popol. His first skill is orders Popol to bite his enemy, marking him/her, and dealing damage. His second skill is a shield skill where Popol will come no matter where he at, and shield Kupa.

His 3rd skill is a trap skill where he can slow down his enemies, and lastly his ultimate that can transform Popol and buffing all of his skill. His first skill will deal stun, and the second skill will have a knock-up effect.

Popol and Kupa will come to original server on 21

Although the hero sounds interesting, Kupa has a small range of attack. It will be hard to position him during the fight, and the wolf can die. If so, he is mostly useless. Before buying Popol and Kupa, please think first because in my opinion, he is not that good marksman.

Popol and Kupa will come to original server on 21 April according to the leakers and will have a good normal skin as always.

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